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Translation Strategies: A Review and Comparison of Theories

Translation Strategies


Extensive research has been done in the field of translation strategies. However, the definition offered by each author or theorist represets his/her own point of view and their views differ from each other. Most theorists agree that strategies are used by translators when they encounter a problem and literal translation does not work. Therefore, different researchers have investigated and described various translation strategies from their own perspectives. Some best-known theories of this field are described and compared to each other in this paper. The purpose of this study was to show the different theories in the field of translation strategies and to offer a general literature review to facilitate the study of translation strategies in future studies. Baker (1992) offered the clearest taxonomy of translation strategies that she believed professional translators use when they encounter a translation problem while performing a translation task.


Fire Ant & Worker Bee - Do you invoice your time?

Fire ant and Worker Bee - Do you invoice your time


Dear Fire Ant & Worker Bee,

When you go to meetings with clients at their request, do you invoice your time?

Starting Out & Counting


Using MS Word’s Advanced Find and Replace Function

Using MS Words Advanced Find and Replace Function

Probably few people are familiar with, and even fewer use, the advanced feature of Microsoft Word's Find and Replace function. However, this feature may often prove to be extremely helpful in the translator's work. It can be accessed from the Find and Replace dialog box and it is called, depending on the version of Word, Use pattern matching orUse wildcards. The advanced feature only works after you have checked this option. If it is not presented to you in the dialog box, click the More button.


Batalhas de um Tradutor Iniciante

Batalhas de um Tradutor Iniciante

In 2013 "Batalhas de um Tradutor Iniciante", by rookie author Ana Honrado was published as an e-book and in print. The book, which can be purchased through Bubok online and in local bookstores, is the first published work of this young author, who began working on this project over 11/2 years ago and who saw in the self-publishing platform Bubok the opportunity to finally realize this great adventure. "Batalhas de um Tradutor Iniciante" is a book that will appeal to translators but especially to future industry professionals who appreciate the genre.


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