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Translation and Interpreting Industry Conferences Week 1 November


This is a very busy week for translation and interpreting industry conferences. Listed below are three conferences kicking off this week on three different continents- North America, Australia and Europe.

Attending an industry conference is an investment in your professional and personal development. Participants come away with valuable insights into the translation and interpreting business, and often end up meeting new friends, potential clients, and collaboration partners. It is well worth the financial and time investment!

We recently wrote about the benefits of attending conferences and posted on the Translation Journal.

Four Reasons to Attend Industry Conferences Link here
Seven Reasons to Attend a Local Translation Conference Link here

We highly recommend attending any one of the conferences listed below. Translation Journal staff will be attending the AUSIT conference on 2nd November and we hope to see you there!

AUSIT – 1st and 2nd November Link
American Translators Association in Chicago, USA – November 5th to 8th Link
The Languages & The Media Conference in Berlin, Germany November 5th to 7th Link

Here is what you can expect from The Languages & The Media Conference in Berlin, Germany November 5th to 7th Link

The Languages & The Media Conference is the Tenth International Conference on Language Transfer in Audiovisual Media, scheduled to take place in Berlin, Germany from November 5-7, 2014. The conference this year will focus on “Smart Technologies, Smart Translations”. Workshops and conference presentations will be informative and will have a major impact on the media and translation sectors and will also impact consumers.

More About the Conference

This conference will feature topics such as the new employment landscape in audiovisual media and the need for global broadcasting to accommodate demands for both diversification and localization. This conference is open for ideas to merge in the areas of business, science, and academia. It is not limited to just broadcasters and producers—it will provide a forum for software and website developers, film festival organizers, and translators to gather and share information.

Who is the Conference for?

While it is for broadcasters and producers, subtitling and dubbing companies, along with language industry specialists are also encouraged to attend because vendors and service providers will be on hand to showcase the latest in translation technology, subtitling systems, newest mobile devices, and modern communication tools. All of these entities will mesh together to make this one of the best conferences of the year.

If you have never attended a Languages & The Media Conference in the past, be sure and add this conference to your agenda. You will be able to share your wisdom in your area of expertise, as well as gain new insights from other sectors, and browse through the exhibition hall to investigate the vendors’ revealing displays.


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