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(How) Does One Tell The Truth?

The research question of this MA thesis is "How do the different translations and adaptations of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" in Dutch reflect the contemporary opinions about the child, children's literature, and society?" In the thesis the translation history of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" in Dutch is analysed. Besides,it is briefly investigated whether the publication of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" influenced the abolition of slavery in the Netherlands. As the thesis focusses on adaptations of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" for children, it analyses how writing and translating for children is described within Translation Studies. Besides, three representative translations are analysed in-depth, namely A.G. Bruinses'"Een kijkje in de hut van oom Tom" (1853), P. de Zeeuw's "De hut van oom Tom" (1939) and E. Franck's "De hut van oom Tom" (2003). The analyses show how the translators faced a dilemma, as maintaining the historically faithful account of slavery often conflicts with conservative norms about children's literature. The translations are representative of the time they appeared in and reflect contemporary opinions about children's literature and society.

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