Volume 5, No. 1 
January 2001




Translation Journal

TJ in the New Millennium

  by Gabe Bokor

ast year, when most of us prematurely celebrated the arrival of the new Millennium, the Translation Journal joined the celebration with a record large issue. Now that the 21st century is actually here without the fanfare of New Year 2000, the TJ, thanks to the generosity of its contributors, is saluting it with an even larger monster issue bursting with 16 feature articles. Our heartfelt thanks to those who given their time and effort in order to share their thoughts and knowledge with their translator colleagues worldwide.

The number of articles received for this issue of the Translation Journal, in addition to your editor's workload at his day job, prompted him to issue a desperate cry for help. It was heard by Ms. Alexandra Russell-Bitting, who generously agreed to edit some of the articles of this issue and to also help out with future issues. Please note that whichever piece contains typos or other errors, was not edited by Ms. Russell-Bitting. As the TJ continues to grow, in the future we may need additional manpower for editing and proofreading articles. If you have a strong background in copy editing and some time at hand, please contact me at gbokor@accurapid.com.

Some readers have complained that many of the articles are too long for an on-line journal. This may be true, but an on-line journal doesn't have to be read on line. Feel free to save and/or print out the articles that interest you, read them at your leisure, then come back to the TJ for more. While reading off line may be easier for some, the on-line format has the advantage of the hyperlinks that allow you to communicate with the author, access the references cited and browse in all 15 issues of the Journal published so far. And as always, let us know what you think and how we can improve this publication.

May the new Millennium bring you lots of enjoyment, happiness, health and prosperity!